Plagism article has been found in one of our Issue

Plagism article has been found in one of our Issue

Képtalálat a következőre: „plagiarism”

Unfortunately one of our article form Vol.9. Numbers 4. 2015. titled by

“Climate change impact on CROP PRODUCTION in Central Asian countries”

was plagued in an other article in a really high rate, thus we eliminate it from all of the database where the Journal was recognised.

Because of this we can say that the editorial team has taken immediate action.

First of all, all of the papers that are  to be published in Apstract are checked for plagiarism. However, this time, the check has failed.

Indeed, the original author was right that the authors of the Apstract paper ‘Climate change impact on crop production in Central Asian Countries’misleadingly suggest that the results from other colleagues are their own data. This can be labelled as plagiarism.

Therefore, we have taken the following actions:

–          The paper has been removed from the   Apstract website

–          We have asked the DOI server administrator to eliminate the article in there database.

–          We have asked the AgeconSearch Repository to delete the pdf version of the article in their  database.

–          We will inform the authors that their paper has been removed from the Apstract website and the reasons for it.

–          We will publish an apology on our Website.

I hope that the problem has been solved  a satisfactory way, and apologizing for any inconvenience,

On behalf of the editorial team of Apstract,

Johan van Ophem.

Editor- in- Chief